Friday, September 30, 2011

200th post! :)

This is my 200th post!! WOOHOO! ha. :)

K so here is my week... I found out that rigby got remodeled... ha. Check out these sweet benches on main street!

Then Saturday, Rusten came and hung out with me all morning while my mom was driving truck for Kirk :) Well we went to take Austn some lunchy lunch and Rusten had gotten this 20 questions thing for his birthday so he was telling me that he is gonna see if the thing can guess what we're driving and it guessed Pick Up Truck!!! And so then he was thinking window and it guessed it... he was disgusted that the 20 questions thing is so smart.. haha. You can see that he wasn't very happy that he couldn't fool the toy...

Check out my mama's truck... hahahaha. :) She is a truck driving fool!! ha. :) This week she is driving truck for the Robison's.. She likes it.... who knew? haha. :)

Well saturday night I came home from the Relief Society Broadcast (which by the way was SO good! :D) to my hubby's hand looking like this!!

He had an instant bruise.. even though it just looks like his hand is dirty.. it's not. Well... what happened was he was moving the convayer belts... and crushed his finger in it!! Poor guy :(

Check out the fingers.... Huge I know!!!!.... (IF you can't tell I'm sorry.... but in real life it was massive.. and he couldn't move it.)

Then there was this car in the Hinckley Lot... and guess what happened to it...

IT. GOT. BOOTED!! HAHAHAHAH! I thought it was so funny... I feel bad for the person though!

Then I was bored so I grabbed my pins and stuck them in my pin cushion like this:

OH YA! :D haha. And I finished my pillowcase in my sewing class. :)

So yesterday I was so sick of doing homework.. because it has CONSUMED my life!! ha. Hence the no posts for like a week.. ha. Well yesterday it was time to take a break :) So I ate lunch in the park with Tyler and Sheena and tyler's parents, Mark and Val! IT was SO fun! :) And afterwards we went in this CUTE CUTE CUTE store and I saw this diaper bag...

I. AM. IN. LOVE!! ha. BUT.... It was $250!! WHAT?!? Ya... rediculous... so I'm going to try to make one! :)

Then there were these cute shoe things for babies...

And then look at these precious buy baby shoes....

Ya.... So I get on Pinterest and find patterns for shoes and so I am goign to make baby shoes!! :D haha.

I love Pinterest! It is my new obsession!

Anyways... so then I got home and worked on my bedspread :)... I'm so excited to finish it! :)

Today 2 of my classes got cancelled... so I only had one class at 10:15 since my class at 9 is only MW class, and then I have a break until 2 and then after that class I take my test and then I'm going HOME!! haha. :D


Have a great Friday!


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ashley mikell said...

oh that is so sad austin's had got hurt. was it stuck in the belt?
also, i need you to show me this cute baby store.

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