Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Busy Week...

So I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday... I was even busier than I was on monday... haha. But...

I made some Peach Jam last week and it is DELISH!! :D So I just wanted to show you things I love...

Peach Jam and Raspberry, Blueberry Jam:

MiO.... This stuff rocks my world!!:

This last Saturday Austin and I took an adventure...

I got my car serviced so we went and picked it up and they had serviced it, washed it, so then all I had to do was get a smelly good, and I got PEACH!! haha. :)

Then we took another trip to the fair and got the things we didn't have time to get the first time!! OH YA!!! So good! We went the last day, and I can't wait for it to come back next year! :)

We got so many good treats! and Austin got a sweet straw that has a glow in the dark thing in it :)

There was these MASSIVE veggies there:

Then we took a ride on the ferris wheel! :)

It was so fun.. It goes faster than I thought. ha.

Then Austin played a basketball game... it ripped us off! ha. And then I looked at these sweet wooden roses :)

(They look real don't they??)

Then we took some pioneer pictures at our church's booth.

Then we were walking to our car and Austin was like, "we could win a 3-leg race Aubs." We were going in perfect unison! haha.

Then notice our sweet parking spot! That is the fair fence... and it was free!! A spot pretty much on fair grounds and for free... you can't get any better than that!!! OH YA! :D

Then we came home and sat up our Shop-Vac and we decided it's our little alien... hahahahha. It looks like one :)

Monday was my first day of college!

Austin took a picture of me so I can remember my first day! ha. :)

Tuesday after my sewing class, I went to my mom's and we made Peach Salsa!!! YUMMYY!!!

I absolutely LOVE Peach Salsa!! Austin and I pretty much pounded a bottle with some chips last night! haha. :)

Well after my first day of school I decided we needed a printer, so I bought this one!

I love it!! It's touch screen and it's AWESOME!!!

It's wireless.... which is awesome, but when I was trying to set it up, I didn't thin it was too great.

I tried ALL DAY and I had homework that needed printed off so I could do it!

Well No luck... but then Austin came home and guess...

Yep... He figured it out the first time he tried! hahhaa.

I Was SO mad! ha. But I Was really happy too!! hahahaha.

I love Austin.. I don't know what I would do without him!!

Also... remember me telling you I was getting a new phone?? Well it hasn't came yet, so I called and found out they were on bak order!!! But they said it should be sent off in the next day or two!! haha. WOOHOO!

Well have a great day... and if I don't get the chance to write tomorrow or the rest of the week, have a good week! :)


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