Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spud Harvest and Weekend :)

So it's spud harvest season! :)

My job is to bring dinner to the working people! haha. :)

Well one night Aust came home and we decided we wanted hamburgers... Well we made them and realized we didn't have Hamburger Buns.... uhhh... ya.. so we used bread. haha. :)

Then we went to use ketchup and there was none... so we used barbeque sauce which was actually really good! :) haaha.

Then... this weekend is general conference... it is so good so far!

There is one more session and I'm so excited! :)

Well so this morning I decided to make cinnamon roll pancakes because I joined pinterest (Which by the way is such a awesome site!!) and I found theses pancakes like the day I started... ha. So here is the ones I made this morning!! SO SO SO GOOD!! :D

Then... yesterday I made these cute little baby shoes that I found on pinterest. :)

I haven't put the ruffles or elastic on yet but aren't they so cute and tiny!!?? :D haha.

I don't even know why I made them... just for fun I guess. :) haha.

Or maybe if my sister-in-law has a girl I'll give them to her! haha :)

Well.... Have a great sunday! :)


P.S. Today Austin and I have been married for THREE months!! WOOHOO! :D

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