Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cheer pictures.

Thursday we had cheer pictures. It was SO cold because it was outside. They are going to turn out cute though. I am excited.
Well we were getting ready and my friend Kelsy wanted to wear her extensions and she had to straighten them. haha. She was putting them in her mouth. ha.

(Kelsy. It looks like she has a long beard that she has to straighten every day. lol. )

When we got to Kallie's house her mom took some pictures of us.

Then we got bored and took pictures in the mirror. haha.

Thursday night we performed our dance. It was so fun to do. When I did my back hand tuck I thought I was going to fall on my face because my backhadspring was kinda weird. haha. :) I would put the video on here.. but I tried like 50 times and it won't work. haha. sorry.. I will try again some other day! ha.

Then Last night we had a game against Hillcrest and we won!! WOOHOO. ha. Hillcrest was behind the whole time. It was awesome. ha. Well during the JV game me and my friend were bored so we decided to try shaking our heads at the same time and we decided to go faster every time. I know... it sounds retarded.. but it was so entertaining and fun! haha. :)

Well Have a great weekend!! :)


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