Monday, December 14, 2009


Well.. I forgot to talk about Friday! haha. So Friday was Austin's birthday!! :)
I was trying to find him something and when I looked at this CTR ring I decided that it was an awesome ring so I got it for him! It is like 10 sided and all 3 bands are connected, but they can all spin! haha.

Well... Austin is my favorite missionary, and he is doing so good too!! He has grown so much spiritually it's crazy! ha. I am so proud of him! I hope he had a great birthday!! :)

Well when my mom got home from shopping today she gave me this:

I was like, "SHA-BOO-YA." ha. because I didn't get a letter from him and I was wondering why.. haha.

Well I opened the box and this is what it looked like inside!

He is so cute. He wraps it all cute and puts a bow on it and packages it all cute! haha. :)

So I open the present and find a box.

I open the box and find another box that is such a cute little box.

Well I open the box and there is this:

He got me an "I Love You" ring. Because he wants me to have something to always remember him. He is such a cutie. ha. :)

Then I got a letter inside the box and this picture:

He is so handsome! ha. and he is standing under a 143 sign, because 143 is something we say. haha. He was so thoughtful!! :) I am so excited to talk to him on Christmas! It is going to be awesome to hear his voice and talk to him and not have to wait a week to get an answer. Its weird how you start to kinda forget what someone sounds like when you don't hear from them for so long!

Austin you are the best. I am so proud of you. Thank you so much for the gift. :) 143.

Well everyone.. Have a fantastic day!! :)


P.S. So today in french I answered something and my teacher told me that out of the 18 years he has taught French I have been the only one the answer that question right!! WOOHOO!! :) ha. I was excited!

1 comment:

alexandria said...

what a sweetheart!
thanks for sharing aubree!

and good job answering that question! haha that's awesome!

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