Friday, December 4, 2009


Well first off.... basically our girls basket ball team ROCKS!! They won last night by like 30 points. It was a sweet game.

Before the game my brother had to go to the bank and his friend Clint came with us. Well here there are 2 spanish speaking stations. Well Clint thought it would be funny to change all of our presets to those 2 stations. When Andy got in the car he went to change it to a different station and he hit the first preset.. Hispanic music was playing. He hit the next station.. hispanic music.. well he hit all the presets and they were all hispanic music. He was like, "Freaking wow.. Is this what you wanted?" (He quoted the funny youtube video.) It was really funny. Well then he turnedd up the music loud and rolled down the windows and him and Clint were dancing to the spanish music.. It was hilarious, but really cold. haha. :)

After the game I got home and I realized I had to do 2 papers. I am a bad procrastinator, and I hate it. haha. So I did my papers and got to bed.

This morning at cheer we had breakfast burritos!! DELICIOUS!!!

Well in second hour I decided to write a summary for my current event for my french class. So I take out the paper and I read the date... HOLY COW!! It says 02/12/09. I'm thinking... "OH MY GOODNESS.. Are you freakin kidding me. This current event was from February 12!! Why was it on the front page of the website!" Well I am wondering what in the heck I am going to do about this current event. I'm thinking... maybe I should make up one. Well that wouldn't work because my teacher reads about everything that happens in France, so I wouldn't have been able to pull that off.

I ask my teacher if I can use the computer to see if this current event really happened in Fabruary, and she was like, "Ya.. sure. But I think France does their dates backwards."

I get on the internet and look up my current event and sure enough.. they do their dates different than Americans. It said 02 December 2009. I was SO relieved. I continued to write my summary.

I got home from school and I had to wrap Austin's presents to send his package, because I had to send it today. My and my mom were wrapping the presents speedy fast.. and I got the package mailed off.. I was SO excited. Then I got a letter and I read it, and Austin said the Christmas call will be around "noonish/ 1 ish" haha. I am SO excited for Christmas!! 20 1/2 more days!! WOOHOO!! :)

Have a great day!! :)


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