Saturday, November 28, 2009

Success at last!! :)

Well we ended up taking my grandma and grandpa's denali down to Utah. We thought it would be a smooth drive down, but nope.. wrong again! (I need to stop assuming things! ha.) Well we filled up with gas and my brother, Andy, was driving. He thought that the freeway enterance was on the left, but it was on the right, So when the light turned green he had to stomp on the gas and get in front of this guy. Well my brother-in-law, Tyler, had bought a drink. He had it sitting on his lap. When Andy floored it, Tyler's drink spilt a little in his lap. We gave him napkins and everything was fine.

Well, we got on the freeway fine, and there was this car that when we would try to pass he would speed up (I hate driver's like that.), well we were in a separate lane and there was a tire in his lane, so my brother had to let him in because the guy was just turning into our lane even though we were right there. My brother slammed on the brakes, and at that time Tyler had his drink in between in feet. Well, the drink flew forward. We thought to ourselves, "Wow... could this get any worse." haha.

We decided to get the best out of the trip. We started playing with Tyler's Mac and we took some funny pictures and then I was taking pics.

Well, we finally got to Utah and we picked up my sister and told her about the drive down... she was like, "Oh my friend works for a carpet place.. he can get you stuff to clean the carpet." (not in those exact words... but pretty close. ha. We started having success after that!! WOOHOO. :)
We went and saw New Moon!! Great show. I loved it, except the actress for Bella, Kristen Stewart, kinda bothers me, but other than that it was AMAZING!! Well we came out of the theater and saw this poster:
I got so excited!! JUNE 30th!! That is sweet!! I couldn't beleive it at first, but then it started settling and I got more and more excited every time I thought about it!!! :)
Well, we had a DELICIOUS thanksgiving!! I am so thankful for family, food, trials, etc.
The next holiday now is CHRISTMAS!!! WOOHOO.
So, I was looking at my sister's phone and I found this picture I drew of my missionary, Austin, a while ago! haha.
Well we went and visited my Aunt and got new YUMMY recipies and we figured out how to work our convection oven!! WOOHOO. ha.
(This is my cute little grandma on thanksgiving day!)
Well, the trip was over and we came home!
Everything worked out good. Yesterday we went shopping (Black Friday), and they didn't have that good of deals like they usually do. But it was SUPER fun! Last Night we watched some movies. Super funny movies!!
Well Everyone, Have a fantastic weekend.

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