Monday, November 30, 2009


Wow.. What a day.

Well... today was my first day back to school since the break, and this is how it went:

So, I went to cheer and we were running and jumping and doing all the things cheerleaders do. Well, we were getting drinks and I was filling up my water bottle when all of a sudden... BAM. I can't see anything. I'm starting to freak out wondering what is happening to me. Finally I get my sight back, but everything is blurry. I feel like dying. Everything on my body goes limp. I almost fall to the ground. Slowly I start to feel better.

Everyone asks me if I ate breakfast and I respond, "Of course... it is the most important meal of the day." I'm starting to think maybe that's why I was feeling sick. Well we start to do jumps again and I feel like I am sweating, but a really cold sweat. I feel my face... nothing. there was nothing... no sweat. I am very weirded out by now. Everyone tells me I look pale.

Crap I have the swine flu. No... not really. That is just how everyone reacts to things now. haha.

Well... I started feeling much better, just a little headache... but much better. The dance team danced with us. We are performing a dance with the dance team on December 10th and I am SUPER excited!! It is going to be sweet. I don't really like the choice of music, but oh well. It will still be sweet.

The bell rings and I head off to second hour. Photography. We were editing our pictures and I made a sweet picture. ha. I love photoshop. Ms. Henslee tells me she likes my picture and how I edited it. She is so nice.

Third hour comes around and I see my friend Ashlynn. She starts telling me about her boyfriend's farewell. It was so exciting. She was also telling me how he leaves on Wednesday, and she is sad. She said she wants to hang out with him all day tomorrow. I don't blame her. That's how I felt too. ha. Well when she was telling me about Clansy, it reminded me of Austin and the last day we hung out. SAD DAY!!! But good day too! ha. :)

LUNCH TIME!! SO excited... SO hungry. We go to Broulim's and I decide to go to Dairy Queen. I start looking at the menu.. trying to decide what I want to get. I decide I want to be a little kid again, so I order a Chicken Strip Kids Meal with a Strawberry Kiwi Arctic Rush and YUMMY fries. I eat it and realize it is the perfect amount of food! I am going to start getting Kids Meals more often! :) Well I decide to look at the designs on the bag and see a FREE TREAT COUPON!!! By this time I am Exstatic. How much better could it get... Perfect amount of food, a drink, a FREE TREAT.. what else would you need.

The excitement all ended in Statistics. I realized I didn't do the extra credit when she asks who did it. Dang it. She explains our assignment and I start doing it... Crap... it is way over my head. I try to start telling my friends about my New Moon experience and Thanksgiving break, and my teacher tells me to cease. WHAT.. what does that even mean!! I continue to talk.. She tells me another word that I don't understand. I tell her I am almost done with my story. She tells me she knows that saying that means I am not going to stop talking because she knows since she has had me in class before. I prove her wrong. I finish my story in like 5 minutes.

French class. I walk in and walking into my french class makes me happy for some reason. I learn a lot of french and I watched a video on france. Very interesting. The round a bouts seem CRAZY.. ha. Well... I found out how to say I love you... Je t'aime!! Sweet huh? :)

Well we start driving home and I start eating an apple. I felt smart wearing my glasses.. and eating that apple made me feel even smarter. I get home and the smell of homeade bread is lingering in the air! I see a letter! YES!!! I am jumping up and down.. Austin sounds like he is doing great. I love hearing from him. I can't believe I get to talk to him in 25 days. If I get snowed in on Christmas I will be SO SO SO sad. But I won't... I know it. ha. I also can't beleive his birthday is in 11 days. And also that he has almost been gone a full year. He is almost half-way done with the mish. I am so proud of him. :)

(Me with my apple!)
Anyways.. Have a marvelous day!! :)

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