Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cheer. Kallie and I.

Yesterday was a game aagainst Shelley and we lost, but it was a fun game! I went to Kallie's to get ready for it.

Well... they sell Ring Pops at the consessions and I Wanted to get one because I haven't had one since I was little.. I forgot how mouthwatering they are and delicious!! ha.

Then Kall and I were just goofing off. It was fun! :)

(Trying to jump at the same time and it didn't work)

(haha. We actually kicked each other on accident and it kinda hurt. haha.)

Today gymanstics was cancelled because our Gym Coach was sick, so I Was able to sleep in. It was SO nice!! :) Then in french we were singing Christmas songs.. it was very weird.. and didn't make any sense. ha.

Have a fantastic day!! :)


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