Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So you know how when you think everything will go perfect... it DOESN'T??

Well... that is happening right now.

So I went to gymnastics this morning thinking... Ok.. I'm gonna come home, get ready, pack for Utah, go to Utah, see New Moon, see family, etc.

That isn't how it is going though.

I got home, got ready, packed for Utah, then we had my brother take the Suburban in to get it fixed before we left because they just told us it needs aligned.

They Aligned it, and my brother was driving it home and it still shook, which means that wasn't the problem.. he went back and went back like 3 times.. still no success.

We decided to take it someplace else, they told us we shouldn't even be driving the bad boy. We can't drive it until it gets fixed.

Now we are in a pickle!! haha. Hopefully everything works out! let's cross our fingers that we will figure out how to get to Utah!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! :)


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