Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eventful Day..

Well to start off.. I was in French and our teacher was telling us we had to sing in French in front of the whole school and he got me to believe him and then he told us he was just kidding. It ticked me off. lol.

Then, tonight we had a game agianst Skyline and I was on my way over there and passed an ambulance and TONS of fire trucks and a huge water tank fire truck thing. It was crazy. So I was wondering what had happened.

I got to the game and I heard that Ike's (A gas station in Terreton) blew up! I was shocked, and now I'm afraid to fill up with gas because I don't want a gas station blowing up on me.. haha.

Well we were cheering and all of a sudden.. BAM. The power went out! Everyone was going crazy. ha. We didn't know what to do. Well they told us that some big main power thing blew and the power wouldn't be on until 11:30 tonight. They cancelled the game.

I was thinking.. hmm.. maybe my power won't be out since I live not in Rigby or IF or Rexburg. I was on my way home and when I went past the yellow blinking light in Menan... it wasn't blinking! It was SO weird! haha. Then I got over the Snake River to the Roberts border and all the light were on.. so I was like SWEET.. the power didn't turn off out here.

I was SO happy to get home and have power!! :) It was an eventful day!

Well tomorrow is the last day of school and then Christmas break!! WOOHOO!! In french we are having a food day and I am SO excited!! It is going to be awesome. :)

Have a fantastic day and if you don't have power hopefully it comes back on! :)


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