Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween!! :)

To get ready for Halloween we had Red Ribbon Week and Thursday was crazy hair day it was fun. I did a french braid up the back of my hair and a HUGE poof and a crazy high bun. Hailey had a mohawk thing.. it was sweet. ha. :)

(Me and Hailey)

So on Saturday it was Halloween. It was such a fun day. well first off... Friday night I helped my mom with my little brother's halloween carnival by taking the kids around to the different games. Little kids are so cute. Anyways.... So for Halloween I was a blue bird. I put feathers in my hair and put white stuff on my face with blue and silver.. ha.

(My hair and face.)

(My outfit!)

(My little brother Rusten's outfit.)
So for Halloween I went to a ward party in Rexburg. At the ward party we made carameled apples and the caramel actually stayed on the apple.. it was AWESOME. Well then I had Apple Cider and I put whipped cream in it.. not a good idea.. don't try it. It isn't very yummy. haha. Well then me and Hannah went and rented a red box, Monsters vs. Aliens... It is such a funny show. I had a fun halloween. I hope you did too. :)

(Hannah and I. She was Minnie Mouse.)

Well today was awesome with our new cheer coach. She is a really good coach.. she actually fixes us when we are doing something wrong.. and she is always smiley. :)

(Do you like my ring?? It lights up!! haha.)

So today I asked this kid Travis to Harvest. I wrote on a poster, "Will you be my Sugar Daddy at harvest?" and I taped sugar daddies to the poster and he had to look on the back of them to find out who I was.. and people were telling me that the one that had my name on it was the last one he looked at. haha.

Well.. Have a great day!! :)

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