Monday, November 16, 2009


Well there is snow on the ground now so that is goodbye to summer/fall and hello to winter. This winter I plan to be more excited about the snow and make everything positive about winter. Even the high winds and freezing cold temperatures, along with knee high snow. ha.

Well not only is it goodbye to Summer and Fall but it is also goodbye to Elder Chapman. They are the missionaries in our area. Elder Chapman got transferred. I hope he does good in his new area. ha. Elder Moller is still here though. He is so funny. haha.

Today was the start of our 2nd tri so it was also goodbye to 1st tri. Well Today was fun. second hour I have photography... it is going to be... interesting. ha. 3rd hour is English. It seems like its going to be fun. 4th hour is Statistics.... I am excited for that class. It will be awesome, and 5th hour I have FRENCH!!! WOOHOO.. It is going to be a blast. I am so excited to learn another language other than english!! haha.

Well... wish me luck in learning my new language and in all my other classes.. haha. lol.

Have a good day!! :)


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