Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I don't really feel like driving much anymore..

Well last night the boys won!!! WOOHOO.

So today I was driving to cheer and i started sliding.

I couldn't even think of what to do, I was in shock and super scared.

I hit the curb and I looked at my car and it looked fine.. the rim just looked a little bent.

I started driving it and I was shaking so bad and then I started bawling. It was SO scary!!

Well now I don't feel like drivin anymore.. haha.

And I realized that was the 3rd thing in the pair of three for my bad luck. ha.

Today I had a awkward experience.. So I had to get my cheer bag out of the locker room and I walked in and the door shut.

I looked up and only saw guys that were partly clothed. AHHH....

I turned around and walked out. ha

They came out and asked if I needed to get something, so they had all the undressed guys go to a corner and they let me in.

Well the corner was where my locker was so I had to walk through all of them and they were all trying to hit on me.

It was really weird! haha.

Have a great day and drive safe. :)


1 comment:

Craig and Aly said...

Thats so scary! I hate winter for that reason! Oh and the story of the guys locker room made me laugh! Sounds fun! haha!

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