Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random happenings...

Well first off I just wanted to post about these:

I tried them the other day and they were OH SO GOOD!!!! I think I still like crazy skittles the best though. :)

Then I found out Austin can't smell...

He was trying so hard to smell that lotion and he couldn't. It's not that his smelling senses don't work.... It's just that he was sick I think which prevented him from smelling. ha.

Then Austin and I took a trip to Idaho Falls anad went shopping for easter...


I was super excited!
Afterwards, we went to Cafe Rio with Jordan and Ashley.
It was really fun! :)

Next random thing... I went to the school play.... The Foreigner.

It was SO stinkin funny!!
Sam Merrill, who owns the playmill, is the best actor!!
He made everyone in the audience laugh so hard. :)

Then Austin and I went to Rexburg and we took a trip to Lulu Bella Boutique...
And this tree is always decorated:

Well this time it had these flowers... They are so stinkin cute!!
They are made out of tissue paper!! :D

Lastly.... I went to my senior year Commencement.

Austin took me obviously.. lol.
For the day date he picked me up and we made breakfast.
Chocolate Chip Pancakes and these Bulls Eye things. :)
And he made it all pretty much!!
It was delish and he is the best! :)

Then we went horseback riding. It was fun!!

While we were riding... the horse decided to go by a barbedwire fence....
and my pants got caught and this was the outcome:

Yes. My. Pants. Ripped. :(
But now I'll just make some capris or something out of them :)

Then we had a picnic.
It was SO warm outside and it was such a fun date!

While we were on the day date I realized one thing...
I FORGOT to get a bootanier for Austin!!!
I had been busy all week doing cheer tryouts,
I had to make up the dance and teach the girls and help them all week...
so I forgot!!!
I called my mom and she didn't answer so I just kept calling and finally Rusten answered and I told him to get mom and he was like why?
So I said, "Rusten just get her!"
He said, "Why? Did you get trampled by a horse or something?"
So I said YES!
which I didn't but I was desparate. ha.
He said whatever.
I was like, "Rusten, just get mom. It's an emergency. Please."
So he got her I told her I forgot and she was like, "Oh it's ok. We'll figure out something."
She was able to order one :)

Then we got ready for the dance...

Check out this sweet snap-on corsauge. ha. (I have no idea how to spell these words by the way if you can't already tell haha.)

Then we went to :

for dinner! It was SO fun!! hahaha.

It wasn't fancy, but we wanted to do something we would remember.

Everyone was staring at us which was kinda awkward. haha.
This little girl came up and said, "You have a really pretty wedding dress on."

It was so cute!! hahaha. :)

Last we got to the dance...

It was at the Shilo Inn

We had to wait in like an hour long line for pictures and when we got to the front the guy told us our school was requiring them to have us show our dance ticket to them!! WHAT??

So we had to get out of line and buy our dance ticket and get back in line.

We were luckily able to just go to the front of the line, but then we had to wait in another line to actually get the pictures.

While we were waiting I saw this cute thing:

hahaha. :)

Then we went into the dance finally...

and the music was SO SO SO loud.

I couldn't even hear myself talking...

so we didn't stay that long. haha.

But it was FUN! :D

Have a great tuesday everyone!! :)


P.S. I only have 6 SCHOOL DAYS LEFT!!! WOOHOO!! :D

P.S.S. There are only 60 DAYS left until I get married!!! AHH I'm so excited for all these happenings!! :)

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