Saturday, May 14, 2011


My post that was deleted got put back on magically!! :) I'm so excited!!

So I looked at my proposal pictures the other day and they are cute!! :)

It was my first time seeing them.

And it made me crave that food from applebee's again!! hahaha.

AND..... WE planted our garden!!! :)

It's all coming together.

Then... I am done with my cleanse... it's a nice feeling! haha.

Now... let's just say I'm going on a hot date tonight!! :)



ashley said...

aubree my friend made some awesome grey jewelry for her friend's wedding. it made me think of you. also her name is aubree jo. funny huh?
here's her blog.

Aubree said...

That is AWESOME!! :) I want to make that now!! :) haha.

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