Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend News...

My weekend was so fun!

I went to Rigby High's Emotionography play! :)

It was really good!

Then I played my harp at my friend Cohlee's wedding. It was so fun to see her.

She looked absolutely GORGEOUS!! :D

Afterwards I went to Lava Hot Springs with Austin, my mom, and Rusten.

Then it was Mother's Day.

I got my mom's gift at Lulu Bella and I had to post this picture because they wrapped it SO cute! :D I love that place!

Have you ever seen real flowers in a balloon?

I thought it looks SO cool!!!!

How do they get it in there??

Also.. I was able to paint my toenails finally!!! :D

I'm going to be painting them a lot this summer! :)

Austin got me a graduation gift.

It was so nice of him!!!

I love this watch and it even came in a cute case!! :)

(This is the case)

Last... today I was sitting in Counselor's Aide and there was this knot thing:

It was SO confusing and fun to figure out!! :D

I want one now!! hahaha.

It feels so weird to think that after tomorrow...

I'm gonna be done with high school for FOREVER!!!! :)

I'm excited/sad/nervous.

Have a great night :)


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