Friday, May 20, 2011


After my lucky day my brother told me I shouldn't even leave the house now...

He was saying I would be unlucky...

Well here was my day yesterday!

It was going good.

I made this cute flower thing and I got to go to a mother daughter thing with my mom and won some things...

When I got home I was going up the stairs and our stairs have like a ledge on each step...

Well I was wearing sandals and my sandals got caught on the ledge and I fell.

I thought I broke my shin... It hurt SO bad!! haha.

I told Austin I like broke my leg and he thought I was serious! haha.

Well then I was leaving to go to Austin's and Rusten's cat, Kitten, ran under my car...

No bueno... I ran over it. I kinda thought it was a tree branch at first, but then I started hearing this HORRIBLE meow. IT sounded like, "REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!" hahaha.

I felt so bad and I Was sitting there and I didn't know if it was still under my tire or if it was in front of it, so if I pulled forward I would hit it again, so I just decided to get out and check.

I went around the front of the car and Beasley, our dog, was freaking out that I hit the cat.

The cat was laying in the flower bed and it was doing it's meow...

So sad.

I ran inside and said, "MOM!!!! The cat ran under my car!" Well I guess she thought I said the cat ran over my car.. hahahahaha.

Rusten freaks out and runs out and starts doctoring it.

I hope she's ok now.

But anyway that was the unlucky part of my day. haha.

Guess what!!

I'm writing this post on my new LAPTOP! YAY!! First one! :)

Have a great day!


P.S. Today I am getting my engagement pictures!! YAY!! :D

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