Monday, May 16, 2011

Field Day: CAUTION!!!

So.... I got new bangs...

And my mom, Rusten, and I deep cleaned our suburban and my car.

Doesn't it feel so nice to have a clean car??

I think it does. :)

Today was field day for my little brother.

He has a friend that was wearing a metal watch.

He went to throw the frisbee as hard as he could and Rusten was standing there..


This is the aftermath of Rusten getting smacked in the face...

Poor little baby.

He looks like a puff ball.. haha.

I feel so bad for little stinko.

I had to laugh though when I saw him because it just looks like it hurt so bad and I was just imagining what happened.

I hope he gets better soon.

Him and Hailey (She got her wisdom teeth out).

Saturday Austin, Blake, Alex, and I went on a date.

It was fun.

We went to Stockman's and there were some funny things that happened, but I don't know if I should say because it might have costed some kids their jobs. hahahahaha.

Oh man.

Also... Today I had graduation practice and I get to wear GOLD ROPES!!! YAY!! :D

I'm on the high honor roll!!!

I was SO glad to hear this news... but the sad news is is I didn't get any scholarships I applied for. :(

But... That means half of my goals I've accomplished. :)

Well... #s 2, 3 on Wednesday, 4, 6, 8, 9 is out because we didn't go to competition, 10, 12 is still in the process, and 13 will be determined at the end of the year btu so far it's going pretty good right?? :)

I'm happy to see the goals I've actually accomplished.

I never write them down so I don't get to feel that good feeling you feel when you look at the ones you've written down and you get to say the big...



I'm definitely writing my goals every year.

Have a great day everyone!


1 comment:

the hawker's said...

ouch!! that looks like it hurts!
good job on the goals and the high honor roll! that is sa-weet!
also, i'm totally diggin your bangs!
and...stockman's...lemons...on the floor...who knows why...ahem, cough cough...blake...yeah.....that was funny! hahaha

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