Thursday, May 5, 2011

What is THAT?!?!?!?!

You may be wondering what this is...

Or do you know??

This is in fact a... Drum Roll Please... :)


You may be thinking.. "How is that possible in Idaho?"

Well it is in fact possible...

Actually, this turtle is a native of Idaho.

It's called a Desert Turtle.

It's the ones where you're driving down the freezing cold road and you see a bump, so you stop to see what it is and low and behold... it's a turtle! :)

What!?!? That's never happened to you before?

Oh maybe you don't live in Idaho which explains it because Idaho is cold and you probably are somewhere warm, so this turtle incident doesn't apply to you. :)

If you live in Idaho and you haven't experienced this... you are with me! hahaha. :)

I haven't ever had this happen to me, I fooled you!!

Well actually I didn't... it did happen to my step-brother today! hahaha.

So my little brother, Rusten, has a pet turtle now :)

All because the good ole' Idaho Turtle decided to come out on to the road today while Jaden was driving! :)


P.S. I have some exciting stuff to share with you TOMORROW!!!! :D

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