Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthdays and Nerds...

Ok... so last night was Alex's birthday party...

Her real birthday is tomorrow!! YAY!!

Well we went to Johnny Carino's for dinner and it was OH SO GOOD!! :)

Afterwards Austin and I took a trip to Baskin Robbins.

We got the Snickers Sundae's. :)

haha. Wait.. you can't eat two??

Just kidding. I can't either.. One was mine and the other was Austin's.

I didn't even get past the skinny part of the cup though.

It was so much Ice cream. lol. :)


LOOKY LOOKY!!!! I got the mini spoon to stick to my nose....


Well... Austin and I decided to act like nerds for a little bit.

I don't know if you know this, but Austin has a REALLY good nerd voice.

So... That voice in this video is Austin...

And no that's not his normal voice... it's the nerd in him.. :) haha.

So enjoy our little clip as nerds. :)

WHAT!? You don't eat your food like that??

hahha. Me neither. That's my nerd face... I wish I would've had the thick rimmed glasses for this video. haha. It would've made it that much better! :)

haha. And Austin wouldn't stop the video.. it was getting a little out of hand.. jk. :)

Well have a great day and enjoy it!!


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