Thursday, May 26, 2011

Going Out.

A few days ago Austin and I decided to try out Buffalo Wild Wings.

It was So good!

They had good drinks, wings, etc. :)

We will probably go back! haha.

This was our food! :)

Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!!!! YAY!!!!

It was SO good! My mom, Rusten, and I went on a bike ride.

And the day before my birthday was insane weather, it was SO windy and rainy.

Well guess what the weather was on my birthday!!

WARM and hardly any wind! I loved it!

I went through the temple yesterday too.

It was a great experience! :)

The temple always has gorgeous landscaping.

The crew in front of the temple! :)

Then we went to Johnny Carino's afterwards because for Alex's birthday we went there and she got this chocolate cake that looked so good, so I wanted to go there so I could get some of that cake!

Our waiter was fun. He had us try all these different Italian Sodas.

They were good. :) And I got my cake!! YAY!
And this little spoon was what you ate the cake with:

isn't it cute? :)

Then we went home and I blew out a birthday cake and made a sweet wish!

Notice the braclet on my left arm?? Austin got me a Pandora braclet for my birthday!! YAY!! I've been wanting one for a while now and my mom got me some really cute Born shoes! :)

And the Egbert family gave me some money... Thank you! I will be using it! haha. :)

So Austin didn't take a picture of me while I blew out the candles so I had to pose! haha. :)

All of us on my birthday!!!

I had such a great birthday and I will definitely remember it! :)

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes! You're awesome!

Have a great day!!


1 comment:

ashley mikell said...

a. happy birthday!
b. we want to go eat at b.w.w. sometime soon with you guys!
c. congrats on going to the temple!

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