Friday, April 22, 2011


Ok... So I know I've already written on my blog today... But I have had some things worth telling today that can't wait until tomorrow.

Well I guess they can, but I don't want to wait. haha. :)

So in our house I realized we have some sweet vases displayed right now...

#1 vase: Looks square from the front, but on the side it's really skinny, so it's like a rounded rectangle. :) see:

#2 vase: It is big at the bottom and goes skinny at the top, and you'd think it would do that all the way around... But again it is the skinny side. :) See:

I decided I want to buy a vase like these ones just so I can say I have a cool vase. haha. :)

Next item of business....Meet my blow dryer:

I LOVE this blow dryer. I got it for Christmas 2 years ago and I've used it every day since. :) WELL.... a few days ago I was using it and it started smelling really hot, but I kinda ignored it. Then it started burning in the handle where I was holding and it was so hot I could barely hold it. I only had a little bit more to blow dry though, so I kept going, and I was holding on to it with like 2 fingers. haha. Well all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it STOPS!!!! WHAT!? I was freaking out! There was nothing in it, it was completely clean so that wasn't it. I have no idea why it stopped working. I kept pushing the white and red buttons frantically to get it to work, and it still wouldn't. I decided it just needed to cool down for a few days, so I put it to the side.

Today I went to use it and guess what...

If you guessed that it started working you are........




Wrong!!! haha.

It still doesn't work, so this is goodbye to my lovely zebra stripe blow dryer that has been so good to me the past two years. I am going to miss seeing a crazy blow dryer that catches everyone's eyes. Now I'm gonna have to get a boring one color blow dryer.... unless I find another blow dryer just like this one.

Which if I do, my straightner that looks just like my blow dryer will have a friend as crazy as it.

If not....

my straightner will be all alone.

But what would be even cooler would be if I found a giraffe print blow dryer!! MAN OH MAN that would be SO SO SO cool!! :D

Sorry if I am boring you with my blow dryer story. haha.

And I'm sorry if you think I am weird now...

But I really hope the two above lines don't apply to you...

I hope you loved reading this! :D haha.

Last note on this post....

So today I get on facebook and I have the little Daily Horoscopes get delivered to me... I am a Gemini and read what my horoscope said today... IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!! :

"Someone is making wedding plans!

Whether that is you, or someone you love,

the atmosphere will be dreamy,

idealistic and romantic,

and for once, you won't be in the mood to fight it.

You will want to treat yourself to something special today."

Ok.... isn't that crazy!!?? I think so because it said EXACTLY what I did today and pretty much every day... PLAN MY WEDDING!!! But the crazy thing about this horoscope is that every single word in it is true... I have really been in a dreamy atmosphere today while I was planning wedding stuff all day today. I was sewing skirts and putting addresses in my address book and it was a romantic feel!! I definitely didn't want to fight it... AND the last line... I will treat myself to something special today... I AM!!! I treated myself to the most delicious salad EVER!!! AND I am treating myself to a workout with my sweetheart, Austin, when he comes over today!! :)

YAY!! I'm excited.... BUT it really is crazy how accurate these horoscopes really are..

Don't you think??

Have you had an experience like this with your horoscope ever?

If so, I'd like to hear about it!! :D

Have a great day!


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