Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crazy day and a big step in life! :)

So yesterday started out with me running late.... Hmmm..
Not at all like me! ;)
Well I got pulled over and the cop let me off because I was GRADUATING!! YAY!! :D
Well here are some pictures!

So this is Angie handing me my blank diploma. haha.
She reads my blog every so often, and when she handed me my diploma she said,
"I better make it on your blog tomorrow."
haha. So I posted this today just so what she said would work. ha.
So here you go Angie!! :)
Thanks for the diploma.. You're awesome! :)

All of us graduates in the front.. along with the audience. :)

No one ever told me the diploma would be blank! WHAT??
hahaha. Just kidding..

This is Courtney. My cute little mini-me.

My siblings that were able to come and I. :)

Austin and I... YAY! :)

The family.. and some friends in the back right.

Good Ole' Mr. Paekpe and I.
He's one of the coolest counselors Rigby has.. along with Mr. Miller.
Well Mr. Paepke grauated with us. hahaha...
aka.. He's retiring. ha. :)
I had some good talks with him when I was a counselor's aide.
You would've loved him as your counselor.


Yesterday was also Andy's birthday so we celebrated that. :)

Andy is the BEST older brother anyone could ask for.

He is always there for me.

When I was dating he always found something about the guys he didn't like because he wanted the best for me and I appreciate that. :) Because now I get Austin and he's the best....

Andy likes him. :)


Well Andy is now 19, so he will be leaving on his mission in July...

Don't worry Andy.. I'll send you yummy things! :)

It was also Alex's brithday yesterday. Ever since I've known her I've thought she could be a model. She's that pretty folks.

She is funny and she has mad photography skills. :)


Happy Birhtday Andy and Alex. :)

So last night we had a senior all night party at Apple Athletics. :)

It. was. AWESOME!

There was so many fun games and everytime you'd win a game you'd get money and tickets.

Sometimes the people in charge of the game gave you money even if you tried. :) It was SO cool!!

Adam James from Z103 was there too and he made it a blast!!

There was literally money beig thrown in the air to catch ALL NIGHT! :)

At the end they were giving out $100 bills.

Ya that's how cool it was...

Well at the end they had a raffle and this is what I won....

A girls basket.

It has a Klim shirt, water bottle, apron, hat, candle, clips, headbands, rubberbands, a movie ticket, and a wal mart gift card. :) And a basket. haha. :)





It's HP Pavilion g6!! YAY!!!

It has a Webcam and all the works! :)

I was SO excited!!!

At the end, a kid was trying to trade me the 32" flatscreen he won for my laptop...

But I decided I needed a laptop more than a tv. haha. :)
I didn't get home until 4:30 a.m. from the party!

It was SO fun!!

I would say yesterday was a pretty lucky day for me! :)

Have a great day!



the hawker's said...

I would say it was a pretty lucky day for you too! Lucky lucky! That is the perfect thing to win for a new college student! I am so excited you won a laptop, a basket of goodies, and some moo-lah!! sweet!!

oh, and thanks for the birthday shout out! that was really nice!

Angie Robison said...

Congrats Aubrey and thanks for letting me be on your blog haha

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