Friday, May 6, 2011

SUPRISE... and the unexpected.

Yesterday this is how Cindy and I felt in Counselor's Aide....


I found some quotes that I want to make or something!!! I love them!!

(Come what may and love it. -Joseph B. Wirthlin)

(SISTERS.. Having a sister is like have a best friend around for your whole life.)

Last night....

My mom wanted me to thread her sewing machine for her...

So she gave me the thread and I start to put it in and realize she had cut the thread in 2 spots and gave me the thread and when she gave it to me, the thread that got cut fell off so I was only holding an inch long piece of thread. hahahahaha. It was hilarious...

It might have been one of those you had to be there moments. haha. :)

Now for today!...

This is leading up to the suprise...

This is my friend Courtney:

Someone stole her car today!


Yes you heard me right.... SOMEONE STOLE HER CAR!!!

I felt so bad for her.

Then I asked her how they stole it and she said,

"Well I leave my keys in the car...."

Oh man. Lesson #1 to learn... DON'T LEAVE YOUR KEYS IN YOUR CAR! hahaha. :)

Well luckily after contacting all her friends and the police...

One police man was looking for it and found it in a church parking lot down the road.
She was reunited with her car...

And she locks her car now and takes her keys with her :) haha.

When you grow up you start getting invited to things...

Well I got invited to this!!!

I'm SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED!!! I want to go! And it says to bring a friend...

so does anyone else want to come with me? :)




I got my yearbook today!! WOOHOO!! I was SO SO SO Excited.....

Ok... maybe this isn't a cool suprise, but I am SO excited!!

I'm going to share the pages with you that I was on.

You ready??? :)


Picture #1:

My picture in the yearbook... MY SENIOR PICTURE!! AHHH :)

... do you like my quote?? ;)

Picture #2:

"Wait... What?"

Yes this is what I'm known for...

I got voted biggest blonde..

and it wasn't by a little,

it was by a landslide....


Oh shoot! I didn't turn the picture... haha.

I'm really not that big of a blonde I don't think, but I guess everyone else does.

Picture #3:

The Rigby High School Senior Class of 2011!! :)

Picture #4:

Can you guess which one is me???





I'm on the bottom row, second one over with the blue and black shirt on :)

That was in like 3rd grade :)
And they put it in the yearbook haha.

Picture #5:


Picture #6:

mismatch day.... haha. :)

Pictures #7-#9:

Cheer :)

My stunt group is the far left and I'm am the very far left person.

Picture #10-#11:

(I have no idea why all of these pictures are sideways because when I uploaded them they weren't.... haha. sorry.)

Jr. Miss

Picture #12:

My senior will and letter from family. :)

And little kid picture.

Picture #13:

The pages I was on :) hahaha.

Next week is my last week of High School EVER!!! AHHH!!

I'm excited and nervous! :) hahha.

Have a great weekend!!



the hawker's said...

I can't believe you're almost graduated!!!
That's crazy!!!
I love your yearbook pics! you are so cute!
Oh, and if you need a friend to go to the party with you give me a call! I would love to come!

Hailey -K- said...

i love all your pics and your quote!!
that was my quote too(:

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