Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Ok... It's been a while since I've blogged.
My sister lives in Arizona right now, so she doesn't want to miss out on the happenings in Idaho...
so she likes me to blog so she can feel like she's as close to here as she can get. haha.
She's been texting me the past few days and the text she sends read,
"Whats with the no new blog updates the past few days?! Ha:)" AND... "I still see no blog updates:( im starting to get lonely! Haha"
Well Sheena... The real question is... Where are your blog UPDATES??! hahaha.
That's right folks, my sister Sheena has a blog, The Parrish Family, and she got it because of me... haha
Ok maybe not because of me, but she has one... She just doesn't write on it very often.. aka like over a year!!! So Sheena I think you need to update me on your blog so I can feel a little summer without being in Arizona. haha. :)
And here is your post to make you feel as close to Idaho as possible. :)

So I've been going on a lot of trips lately.
Over the weekend, Austin & I went to Salmon to watch cute little Hannah in her Rodeo.
On the way there it was quite the road trip.
I ate Peach Rings the whole way and enjoyed every second of it!!

Then I took pictures of the drive..

That's Idaho for you!! hahaa. Just kidding... well it really is Idaho...

But there are pretty spots in Idaho too! hahaha. :) This is just what the drive for us looked like. haha.

Cowboy up?! haha. That's right!

Austin was a cowboy over the weekend :)

So this is Hannah... she is an amazing rodeoer and got 2nd in Barrells YAY!!!!

And might I add she got a sweet belt buckle... and she gets to go to state which is like the 3rd weekend in June, so Austin & I will be going to that :)

(Hannah and Austin)

Austin tried making me a cowgirl but it didn't quite work. haha.

Ya..... It was FREEZING!!!! haha.

On our way home from Salmon.. I saw my first Coyote ever! haha. They aren't very cute! ha.

Check out the Idaho sky lately..

If you see Austin and I, you'll see us like this a lot. We like piggy back rides!! :D

Monday was Memorial Day...

For Memorial Day, Austin and I took a trip to Tetonia/Jackson... and I have a confession...

I LOVE these Neuro drinks. They are so good!! :)

Check it!:

Egbert Ave. Awesome Huh?? That's what I thought So that's why there's a picture!! haha. :)

Us in Jackson... we went shopping and I found these cute shoes which are now on my wish list!

They didn't have my size and they were a little pricy... haha. But they are so cute!!! I want them so bad!! Let's see... What holiday is coming up?? They are going on my Christmas list!! :D

They're shiny purple heels with a peacock feather color piece of fabric on the front... SO CUTE!! :D

On our way home we went through Swan Valley and got square Ice Cream!!! :D

Like the sign?? :)

They put whoppers in the bottom so it doesn't leak.... doesn't it look like a mini ice cream cone? hahha. :)

Finally almost to Terreton!!

Yesterday I did my mom's hair... How do you like it?? :)

Also.. Yesterday, Andy, Mackenzie, Austin, Hannah, and I went on a horse ride....

I just rode with Austin, and he didn't put the strap thing in the hole so the saddle was gonna loosen but we thought we'd be fine.... We start riding down the road and Austin tells me he wants to show me that the horse, Jack, can back up.. I'm excited to see so I say ok. Well Jack backs up and then starts running to catch up with the other horses.. Austin tries to slow him down and he starts spinning in circles and the loose saddle starts sliding.... CRAP!! haha. I was holding onto Austin for my dear life... and when I realized the saddle wasn't gonna fix after it just kept sliding I let go. So did Austin. I landed on my bum and hand and I jumped up quick so the horse wouldn't step on me.... I think I broke my tailbone or something. hahaha. It hurts so bad to sit, stand, walk, run, etc.

From now on, Austin and I are gonna take a break from Horse riding until my bum heals ha. and then we are going to ride our own horses and make sure they are saddled tight! :) haha.

Then we had a little camp fire and roasted marshmallows!! The Giant ones. It was so fun!! :D

Afterwards, Austin and I Watched Ratitoulle. That it Austin's new favorite show. He loves it. hahaha. When he asked me what I Wanted to watch yesterday he gave me two options, ratitoulle or ratitoulle. haha. Ratitoulle it was!! ha. Which we watched it the night before which shows you how much he loves it.. and our house is looking good!! :) I'm excited to move in to it in July!!

There are 31 days until I'm married!!! YAY!! :D

Have a great day everyone!


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Angie Robison said...

Great post Aubrey. Tell Sheena to get posting and I will add her to my blogs I follow. Everyone knows I need to spend more time on my computer blog stalking so tell her to get with it:)

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