Sunday, January 2, 2011

Checklist for Goals of 2011...

Well I've heard the first way to achieve goals is by writing them down. :)
So for 2011 here are my goals, one's that will for sure be done & others I'll need to work on
  1. I've always fasted on Fast Sunday, but I've never fasted the full 24 hours, so one of my goals is to fast for the full 24 hours from now on. :)
  2. Finish reading the Book of Mormon & memorizing the Living Christ so I can get my Young Women Medallion. I only have 100 pages left in the Book of Mormon!! WOOHOO!! :D
  3. Graduate High School.
  4. Apply for college and get accepted!
  5. Get a job.
  6. Apply for Scholarships.
  7. Finish reading D & C in the scriptures.
  8. See Elder Austin Kirk Egbert.
  9. Place at Cheer Competition. :D
  10. Go to Boise.
  11. Write in my journal more often (at least once a week if not more ha.)
  12. Learn how to cook Main Dishes... (I am a pro at Desserts, but I don't want to be eating desserts for every meal. haha.)
  13. Write on my blog more. ha. And post more pictures. :)


I would say that I want to lose weight as one of my goals.... But I never have enough self control with food. lol. So I guess my goal with food and my body is to stay in shape! :)

Have a wonderful Sabbath Day today everyone! :D


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