Thursday, June 20, 2013

What a Way to Start my Birthday Month!

So basically we have had a lot of fun, and this post is about our fun things we had going on to start off our month of May!!! :)
So our washer broke a few months ago, and we really needed a new washer. Our dryer broke last year, so we got a new one and we wanted our new washer to match. For a while I was washing all our clothes by hand, but then the washer would still spin the water out, it just wouldn't wash.. haha. So I didn't even really think it was that big of a deal until we got this new washer and OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I love it!!! I honestly can't believe I was washing clothes in a broken washer for so long, and I don't even know why! hahahaha. I guess I just had a hard time letting it go, and I kept thinking maybe it would start working again, but it never did and I am so glad, cause this new washer is AMAZING!!!!! :D hahaha. I love doing laundry now! :)
Then we found out we were having a girl, which you all knew, but I just have to post this cute picture of her giving us a thumbs up. She was sick and tired of us poking her and trying to get her to wake up, so she decided she would wake up and face away from us and give us a thumbs up, letting us know that she is fine!! hahahaha. :)
This is me at 20 weeks. :)
And of course once we found out we were having a girl, I had to go shopping!! :) I went with my mom and sister, Sheena, and there was so many cute things, and this is what I got...
Then with pregnancy, comes eating.. haha. So of course I had to take pictures of all the yummy food I have been eating! hahaha. :)
You guys HAVE to try this Simply Lemonade!!! It is so good!!!! :) So worth the money! :D
My 21 week baby bump picture..
So also... May was my birthday month, so to start it off, the second weekend in May we went to Cafe Rio and then to Cocoa Bean and got a yummy cupcake and cake pop, and then we saw Iron Man 3. :) It was so fun!! And it was a great way to start off the birthday celebrations. :)
That Sunday it was Mother's Day and we got to Skype with my brother Andy for the last time on his mission!! He gets home July 3rd!!!! AHHHH!!!!! :D I am so excited!! It was fun to skype with him! :) His birthday month is also May. We are only a year and a week apart, so we are pretty close! ha :) And then my sister-in-law Alex also had her birthday month in May too!! And her and Andy actually have the same birthday!!! hahaha. :) So many May birthdays!! And speaking of birthdays... Our baby is due in September, which is a HUGE birthday month in my family!! haha. My dad, little brother, and oldest sister's birthday is in September (And my baby is actually due on my dad's birthday)!! ha :)
Well I made these yummy baked beans. It has pineapple, little smokies, bacon, and much more!! MMM mmm mmm....
So one of the first things we did when we found out what we were having was get a car seat and stroller. I just couldn't wait!! hahaha. :) And we got a swingin deal, so it was fine by me!! hahahaha :)
My mom's ward was having a tea party, so I went with her to that and it was so fun!! :)
Me and my mom didn't really want to try the tea, so we had lemonade instead, and it was SUCH good lemonade! :) Isn't my mom so beautiful??? :D I just love her and she is my best friend! :)
I won a giveaway!! So I won a cute pair of leggings for our little baby, and I am so excited to see her in them!! :)
As you can see, I had a fun time starting off my birthday month with lots of fun things, and it just continued to be a blast!! :)
Have a great Friday!! :D

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