Thursday, June 27, 2013

Life on the Farm

My life as of lately has been working in the hay on the farm. haha. I have been swathing and raking for the past like 3 weeks (I don't have pictures of raking dang it). And we are almost done!!! :D hahaha. Today I had a Dr. Appt so I wasn't able to swath (and I am 28 weeks today and so I had to take the glucose test and my hemoglobin levels were amazing, but my glucose levels were another story, so tomorrow I have to go in fasting and get a 3 hour test, so I am praying I don't have gestational diabetes.). Anyways.... I have had fun working in the hay, but I am glad that we are about done! :)
I saw coyotes like crazy while I was swathing, and I killed a baby coyote while swathing the last field.
Aust is a life saver when it comes to break downs. But during hay I basically only get to see him when there are break downs, because he bales at night and works during the day and I work all day and then I have to sleep by myself at night, so I am excited for the hay to be done so I can see my husband again!!! haha.
Have a great Thursday!! :)

1 comment:

ashley said...

Oh fun! I miss the farm. Also, I hope you don't have G.D. It sucks. But if you do I am happy to give you lots of tips of how to eat with it. These little Egbert girls like their sugar, I guess.

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