Sunday, June 23, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Memorial Day was a blast!! It started out with my little brother stayed the night after my party on Sunday and that morning I was getting ready so we could leave and I told Rusten we were leaving soon and I walked in the TV room and saw that Rusten had folded all the blankets up perfectly without me even asking!! Seriously..... Look how perfect he folded them!!! It was so nice of him!!!!! It made my day! Ha. :) Maybe it's partly because I'm pregnant so I'm way more emotional than normal! Haha.

Anyway.... Then we left to start our Memorial Day!
We met up with my mom and sisters and visited my dad's grave, my grandpa's and other relatives!
Then my mom and Rusten left to go home cause my grandma stayed home, and the rest of us went fishing and to Jackson,WY :) we met up with Austin's family.
And I caught a fish guys!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!! I was so happy!!!!!! :)
On our way home from Jackson, we stopped in Swan Valley and got square ice cream!!! I got the churro kind and it was seriously SO good!!!!!! It had like cinnamon chips and cinnamon toast crunch in it!! Mmmm mmm mmm!!!! :D
Going to Jackson after we visit graves has been mine and Austin's tradition since he got home from his mission. It's a tradition with his family and I liked it so we carried on the tradition!! :) 
Do you have any Memorial Day traditions?? :)
Have a great Sunday Night!!!

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