Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All About the Baby! :) (Mostly)

So you know how I said I got gift cards to Motherhood Maternity for my birthday?? Well I used them and got some super cute clothes!!!!! :) 
Then I was talking to Aust one day outside our garage and was telling him how much bird poo he had on his truck and as I said that a bird flew in the garage and did this to my car!!!! This is from one bird!! Haha. I told Aust that the bird pooped on my car and he was like, "what?? That is fresh??" Hahahaha
The kitties are starting to want to be like their mom and eat food out of the bowl. It is so cute. Austin named them... There is Black Ice (the crazy black one), Mini (the one that is a mini Whitey), and Coca-Cola (The mellow black one). They are so funny to watch, and Mini and Coca-Cola are too afraid of me to even let me get near them, but Black Ice likes me, because I saved her life!! hahaha. She was in the garage behind a shovel and didn't know where she was or how to get out and was meowing like crazy!! I got home and couldn't find her but could hear her, and then I finally found her, and that day every time she saw me she wanted to come right up to me! haha.
Hannah made it to state rodeo (her last one) and so we went and watched her one day when we got rained out swathing. It was so fun to watch her, and I'm sad that she is moving on to college now cause we won't get to have Nashville nights on Wednesdays, and we won't get to watch her do rodeo, and so much other stuff that we will miss, but we are so excited for her to start the college life!! :)
Well baby girl is so fun to shop for!! SERIOUSLY!!! And everyone else thinks so too! hahaha. So here is her closet and all her cute clothes and accessories!! Oh my gosh!! I just can't get over how cute and little everything is!! One day Aust and I just stood in her room looking at her closet and we couldn't stop laughing because everything is just so tiny!! haha. Me and my sisters have done shopping for her and we all found such cute stuff!!! :) I am so excited to see her in all her clothes. haha.
So baby girl is moving SO much now!! It is crazy!! The other day I was laying on my back and and she kicked so hard it moved my stomach like 3 inches and I was like WOAH!!!! What the heck??? hahahaha. I felt her flutters around 18 weeks, and then I started feeling her move around 20 weeks, and Aust got to feel her kick when I was about 21 weeks! :) The other day we watched her have the hiccups. haha. It is so fun to feel her moving all the time.. It reassures me that she is doing good in there! haha. I'm always freaking out about if she is doing okay and then she will kick or roll or flinch or get the hiccups so I know that I don't have to worry! ha. :) She doesn't like anything on my stomach. When Austin hugs me, she will try to kick him away if my stomach touches him, and then if my elastic on my clothes is touching my belly, she will kick to try to move it, until I move it. haha. And she does not like me laying on my back, or maybe she does and that's when she thinks party time is!! hahaha. :) We love talking to her and Austin always says things like, "If you like mommy more kick once and if you like daddy more kick twice." hahahaha. She usually doesn't do what he says and she will hold completely still, but sometimes she will move. He's never gotten her to actually kick when he says that though! haha. I guess it's cause she just loves both of us so much! She doesn't want to have to choose one or the other. haha. :)
And while we are on  the baby topic, here is my baby bump at 26 weeks (which was a little under 2 weeks ago).
2 Saturdays ago we had a cheer garage sale and it was so fun but I got SO fried!!!!! YIKES!! Here is a picture of the cheerleaders bright and early in the morning at the garage sale! :)
Well I hope you are enjoying your summer cause I know I am!!
Have a great day!! :)

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