Monday, June 24, 2013

My End of May/Beginning of June

The day after Memorial Day we went to Utah for my uncle Wayne's funeral. It was a really good funeral!! He was such a great man and he is missed. After the luncheon, we got pictures with all my cousin's on my mom's side, and everyone was in the picture but my cousin Jena and my brother. After that I was in the gym and I started feeling the worst pains in my stomach and everywhere! It felt like my stomach exploded or something!! I laid down and took deep breaths and it really helped and took away the pain. We think it is because I went too long without eating and baby girl didn't like that, and I was also slouching a lot that day. So since then I have been paying attention so I don't slouch and I have been carrying healthy snacks with me everywhere so that I don't go too long without eating. It was so crazy though! That night I had Austin give me a blessing because the pain was still kind of there, I haven't had the pains since! :)
My sister-in-law always sends pictures of cute little Ellie, and so I just had to post one of them!! She is adorable!! :)
The baby bump at 24 weeks.
That Friday, my mom had her young women over. She teaches the beehives, and they just had a fun night set up. I taught them some different ways to braid their hair and how they can sleep with their hair up and wake up with curly hair! :) Like beach curls type :)
That weekend Aust and I went golfing with his parents. It was such a blast!!! Kathryn and I were the caddies and Aust and Kirk golfed. It was my first time driving a golf cart and it was pretty funny. haha. I couldn't really figure it out at first and then it was driving like I was letting on and off the gas.... uhhh ya. (Later on as I was driving my car I realized I do that!! hahahaha. But just when I start out. Or am turning, once I am going though, I don't let on and off the gas, and that is how it was with the golf cart. hahahahaha)
So the leggings I won came and they are so cute!!!! :D I am so excited to see baby girls little bum in them! :)
And then these cotton candy push pops from Schwan's are SO good!! :) They remind me of when I was little, because I haven't had one since I was little! Mmm mmm!!!!
This was how I ended my May and started June! :) So fun!! :) 
Have a great Monday!! :)

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