Friday, June 21, 2013

Party, Party, Party!! :)

The third week in May was awesome!! :) Well the weekend, is all I'm posting about, but the whole week was great! :) 
So to start off... I took this picture because I thought it was SO cool that they made a Pepsi can with a massive straw out of Pepsi cans... (and to tell you the truth, I don't remember when I took this.. it might have been April, but we'll just pretend it's from May! :D)
So for my birthday, my phone had an upgrade, but it was a little before my birthday, but Aust and I just couldn't wait until my birthday!! :) So guys... I finally joined the apple family! haha. :) I love my iPhone!! Seriously... if you are wanting to buy a phone and you don't know what to get.. THE IPHONE 5 is the way to go!! :) It is amazing.. I had a droid before and it was great and all, but it always froze up and would restart randomly and do stupid things, and the iPhone doesn't do that!!! :) haha. 
Well as we were getting my phone and the accessories, someone door dinged my car!!!! SERIOUSLY??? AHHH... I was so mad.. and I still am!! lol. I just liked it so much better when the whole car was shiny red, and didn't have a scratch in it!! hahaha. 
Well that Saturday (which was the 18th of May, which was Andy and Alex's birthdays!! :)) we went and watched Hannah at her rodeo in Arco! :) It was so fun!! :) Well Aust decided he wanted to try to go through this barrow pit thing to get to park by his parents and in my just washed car... well he got my car SO dirty and it looked like I didn't even get it washed! haha.
That night we went to Five Guys for dinner, and then went and saw The Great Gatsby with Hannah! :) Oh my gosh guys... that is such a great movie!!! If you have seen it, didn't you think so??? :) And if you haven't... you need to see it!! :)
That Sunday Austin was telling me how if you push on both ends of an egg, it won't break. I was like, "Oh sweet, but don't try it." Well he did and it broke and got everywhere!!!!! hahahaha. And I was baking that morning and he got egg all over the floor where I needed to be! hahaha. So it slowed us down, and we ended up being late for church, but it was SO funny!!! hahahaha. But it really does work, I think there was just a crack in the egg he used. ha.
That night Hannah graduated from seminary!! YAY!!! :) Isn't she just so gorgeous???!!!! Whenever I am with Austin's family (which is all girls) I always feel like I look homeless because they all look like models!! I'm being serious!!! If you have seen his family, you know that I am telling the truth! 
Here is a picture of his sister's so you can see what I'm talking about!! haha. This was at our wedding which was 2 years ago, so Hannah doesn't have braces anymore. ha. :) Don't they look like models??? :)
Anyway... then I have just been working my Mary Kay business! :) 
And our cat had kitties!!!!
The Schwan man came for the first time since like October, so you better believe that I stocked up!!! :) haha.
My baby bump at 23 weeks :)
On the 23rd, Hannnah graduated!!! :) YAY!!!! And Hailey decided she wanted to be in the picture. hahaha.
Well it was also the last time we saw Jordan, Ashley and Lyla before they moved to Michigan. It was so fun! We got Lyla to stand by herself a couple times!! (And now she walks and stands by herself all the time!! I can't wait to see her walk in person when they are here for Christmas!! :))
Isn't she so adorable?? And don't you love her fur vest and shoes??? :) hahaha. She cracks me up! :) She loves to ride in the laundry basket, so Aust took her around in the laundry basket and she was SO happy! haha. I was so glad we got to spend so much time with them before they left! :) And don't you just love how much Austin loves his nieces??? :) I am so excited for our baby girl to get here, so I can just watch him how he takes care of her!! :) He is going to be an amazing dad!! :D
Have a great Friday night!!! :D

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ashley said...

we miss you guys so much!!

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