Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hiking the Y

The end of April was our brother-in-law, Jordan's graduation. We were going to go down to all of the graduation ceremonies, but then I got called to do jury duty, and it was a 3-day trial, so we didn't end up going down until that Friday and we ended up missing all the ceremonies, which we were bummed about, but we still had all weekend to hang out with Austin's sisters and their husbands and girls.
When we got down there, there was a BBQ and it was so fun to just eat and talk. :) 
Austin decided to get creative with his food, and made his teddy graham have a fro... hahaha.
Then that night we went to hike the Y. I forgot hiking shoes (and PJs.. haha) so we had to run to Wal-Mart and find something. I found some shoes that look like TOMS and I decided they would have to work, cause otherwise I would have to wear my sandals. haha. We went with Jordan and Ashley, and Austin's cousin Chelsi. It was so much fun!! It was a pretty long hike, but it was so worth it! ha. We even tried having one of Jordan's friend's record us on the Y covering the lights, which you can kind of see in the video.. it's just really small (We just covered the top row of lights). haha. But it was so fun! :) (ps... don't pay attention to my nastiness... I knew we were hiking, so I didn't get ready for the day, then when I realized we were going to take pictures, I was regretting not getting ready. haha.)

The next day we went to J-Dawgs, went to the jewelry store to get our rings cleaned, and visited the Harley-Davidson store and Lyla got to ride on the motorcycle...
Later that day, the boys went to the motocross, and us girls went shopping and we ate at Zuppa's, which was my first time and I LOVED it!!! It was so delicious! :) Then we went back to Jordan and Ashley's and watched a movie while we waited for the boys and Lyla and Ellie had some cousin time!! :)
Sunday we said our goodbyes and headed home.
We stopped at Temple Square and it was BEAUTIFUL!! :D All the flowers were blooming and everything just looked so pretty!! :)
It was a great trip to Utah, and we had so much fun!! :) 
Have a great Thursday! :)
P.S. I am 27 weeks today!! CRAZY!! :D

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