Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So I'm on my break before my english class and I just took a sample test for my American Foundations class....

Let me just tell you... I. HATE. AMERICAN. FOUNDATIONS!!

It is seriously the lameest class...

If you can't tell I'm not a huge fan of history... which is weird because if it's family history I'm all for it, but any other kind just isn't my cup of hot chocolate...

So most people say that you are either english, history or math, science.... well let me just say...

I am definitely NOT a history lovin fool... and definitely not a science lovin fool either..

English is an okay subjuct for me, but pretty much I ONLY LIKE MATH!!!

Math is just so fun to do and it's my favorite!

I love learning new math things!

Well back to my story... so most people say you can like history if you try.... SISTER... I have TRIED!!! And I do not like it ONE BIT!! especially my American Foundations class... it's BORING! and ya...

So I am sitting her and just took a sample test which I FALIED... uhh.... crap!

And let me just tell you how lame this class is (side note... if you like history, no offence to you... actually I am jealous of you... I wish I liked history so then I wouldn't fail every stinkin History class.... so if you like history... would you let me borrow your brian this semester??? haha)

K so for this class we had to REWRITE the Declaration of Independence!! WHAT??

Ya... we did... I mean why would you do that... obviously they like the D of I the way it is, why would they want you to rewrite it in your own words?? OH YA... BUSY WORK!!!!!

Yes... busy work is all we do in this class.. and I know there are kids in this class that love it and enjoy the class.... and I am officially jealous of them... well kinda.

I'm jealous of the fact that they get the stuff and get good grades...

Anyways... so why I worte this post...

I have to take an American Foundations test today and I am freakin out!

(This is how I feel at this moment!!)
I'm so nervous.... I have tried to learn stuff all semester, but it's just went in one ear and out the other..... SHOOT!!!!

So wish me luck on my test and I'm just praying that a miracle will happen and I'll remember everything I studied when I get the test... hahahaha. :)

Oh and did I mention that pretty much every time I take a test I studay and remember everything and then my mind goes blank when I see that nice crisp piece of paper with the test on it.... well except History... my mind is always blank in that subject.. hahaha.

Ok you're probably sick of this post so I will end it... THE END!! :)

Have a great wednesday... and if you hate history too... I'm with you! hahaha.


P.S. I'm gonna get back to studying!! haha. :)

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