Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween!!! And The Game of Life!

So first off I just wanted to show you what I got when I was shopping!!

I never thought that I would be so excited for a cleaning supply... ha. But I guess that's what happens when you have your own house.. you just get all excited to get stuff to clean it! haha.

Well I got a PINK swiffer sweeper/mop thing!! I love it!

I seriously want to use it all the time now! I've used it twice already and I've only had it for a day! haha. :) Well.... when I used it twice I had only had it for a day. ha.

Now.... HALLOWEEN!!!

I have had halloween decor, but I haven't had time to set it up... well I finally set it up! :) not my wreath yet though :(... SOON though! :)

Well let me just tell you that I love the dollar store.. ha. I got my decor there and jazzed it up a bit! :) ha.

(The Dining Room Table)
Well and I guess Home Depot! ha. and Wal Mart :)

(The sign I made, and styrafoam pumpkins that I spraypainted! :) I want to get more next year and put them more places :))

(A witch and crow on our fireplace)

(Hanging Skeletons, and a grave stone... I need more of these too!)

Also... You would think all of this stuff is chinsy since it's from the dollar store... but it's not! These things are heavy duty! :) Well most of it!
Then Austin and I had Caramel Apple Cider!!! OH MY GOSH!!! So good!

My sister-in-law commented on one of my posts that when it rains she likes to drink apple cider... so I've been craving it since then and I finally had some last night!! WOOHOO!! Thanks Ashley for reminding me about apple cider! :)

Ok.... so today in my first class was intense.

It's called History and Philosophy of Education....

Well we played the Game of Life today... in real life!

So I got my envelope and my name was Elana and it was Yellow.

And I got $1200.

So there was a station that was the bank, another one that was a realator, then there was an education booth, and a employment booth, a store, the judge, and last but not least... the JAIL and Sherriff!

K so we were told to get the most stuff and money... So I decide to get a job first so I can pay for a degree.. well... The lady giving the jobs was not giving me a job, so I decide to get a degree... well I walk over there and the lady looks at my name and tells me to try again later! WHAT THE... haha. So I decide something is wrong with my name! I was like, "ok.. so names that start with E have something wrong with them!"

Well I go back over to the employment booth and the sherriff comes over and looks at my name and tells me I'm going to jail... I ask why and she says because I hit the employment lady with a broom.... uhh.. what? I'm getting framed!!! haha. Well this really nice girl comes and bails me out, which bail was $15,000. She was so nice! so then I go back to the employment booth and I'm talking to this kid that his name starts with a c.... CHIPO... haha. He pronounced it Cheapo! haha. So Then we decided that only the people that their names started with an A were getting the goods... so he was like, "Your name could be Alex.." and I said his name could be Adam. Then Our teacher who was the banker and realator comes over and says to me, "You know, your life is half way over and I haven't ever seen you at the bank." So I respond, "Uhh... YA!!! Something is wrong with my name!" He says, "Are you a (and puts his hand in the shape of an L on his forehead)?" I say, "Well obviously because no one is paying attention to me!" He says, "It's your hereditary... you're lazy!!!" (Wow.. thank you sir!) haha. I got a few tears because I am such a sensitive person. I know it was a game, but still.. all these things people were saying to me hurt! WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SO DANG SENSITIVE WITH EVERYTHING? haha. well Bro. Magleby left and then Chipo left after he finally got a job and I went back to get a degree and had a smile on my face and tried to be as nice as I could and got declined AGAIN!!! So I go back to the employment place and wait. Well then I hear Chipo over at the Sherriff saying, "Her name is Elana... she's trying to tell people her name is something differeent than it is!" I'm like WHAT?? because that's my name... but then I finally got a job at the sweat shop, so I go up to get paid since it was pay day and I got paid $3000!!! and The banker was like, "Wow you finally got a job!" So I go back to the degree place so the sherriff can't find me and and I see that people are buying degrees. I walk up there and say, "Ok... I just have one question!" She says what. I say. "How much does it cost to buy a degree?" She replies, "How nuch did your bail cost?" I say, "Umm... I don't know" (because I forgot), so she says, "SHERRIFF!!! SHERRIFF!!!" DANG IT!! The sherriff comes over and arrests me. I didn't need to go again, I already had a sticker that said I'm a CRIMINAL, pasted on my shirt! So I go back to jail and one girl that is in there said that she was put in there because she wasn't getting paid and she was a maid, so she would go up to people and say that she cleaned their house and they would give her money, and the sherriff said that was stealing! haha. then the nice girl that bailed me out the first time was gonna bail me out this time too for $20,000 (and everyone in jail always had their name starting with an E!)... but then the game was over. We went back to our desks and I found out that the workers were stereotyping! All the people that their name started with an E were homeless!! Ahh.. hahaha.

So that's how my class went today! haha.

Well have a great day!! :)


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