Friday, October 21, 2011

tractor ride + pumkin fall wreath tutorial!

So a few nights ago I went to ride in the tractor with Austin!

They are working some new ground, so Aust had to disc up all the sagebrush....

Ya... I know I'm legit... I know farm terms.. haha. Jk! I still mess up a lot of them.. dang it! haha.

Well here are some pics of the tractor ride for you to enjoy! :)

Now for the Pumpkin Fall Wreath Tutorial!!

So... I got the idea off pinterest... BUT there was no tutorial because it was from etsy... so my sister Sheena and I got together and made up our own way of the wreath which I LOVE!! :D

So first you buy that Geo-Mesh stuff that you can find in your local craft store.. mine is Porter's :)

We used two spool things of the orange and then 1/2 to 1 yard of the greens, and 1/4 yard of the brown... and this was for two... so if you are just making one, you only need half that! :)
So then you cut all the pieces out! How we did it was we cut down the middle of the goe-mesh until we got to the end, and then we cut like 6 inch strips :) haha.

Then you turn on your handy hot glue gun!

Then start glueing ... starting around the back of the styrafoam!

Oh ya... we bought a ball of styrafoam and cut it in half :)

( i used a pen when I first put it on the glue because it was burning my fingers off.. haha.)
So you glue them along the back of the styrafoam, but not all the way around, you leave a little space for the green.

Then you start glueing on the front.

And then you'll keep going until you have all the orange on there. I would glue them right next to the other, and Sheena kinda spaced hers out. So it's really your own preference.

We took pictures of both of us, but I looked sick so I'm not gonna put them on. ha. If you want to see pics of us when we did the wreath go to Sheena's blog.. haha.

Then once you have the orange on there with a little space, you glue the green on the back and the top front.

Then you all more orange to finish off and I had to use a pen at the end because my finger couldn't reach.. haha.

So here is the top finished!

It's a huge wreath and I love it!!

Then to hang it on your door, take a thick piece of string or something that is sturdy and hot glue it to the back! :) Then stick it on your door and WHALA!! :D

side view!

It's such a cheerful wreath and it's so fun to make!! :) and everyone will love it!! :)

Let me know if you make one! :)

Have a great friday!


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Adelina Priddis said...

Wow! That is huge!! Stopping over from Trulie Scrumptious!

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