Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weirdees! haha.

Ok... SO Aust and I had caramel apples!!

Idea off pinterest! :)

Next... ok I'm sorry if you get offended by this... BUT.. I have heard this saying for like 3 years and never knew what people meant, so finally Austin explained it to me! haha.

Have you ever heard the saying, "Assuming makes an a out of you and me?!" haha. Well Austin had to write it out to show me.. I guess I can have some blonde moments. haha.

Again... don't get offended... I am just showing you this picture because I hope you think it's as funny as I thought it was.. haha.. especially since I didn't get it for THREE years.. haha.

The following word is: Assume... but Austin broke it down to show me what the saying means..

OK... I think I said what this picture means in every possible way... WAY too many times.. sorry. hahaha.

Today I got home and noticed we had two tiny cucumbers that were all wrinkled up, so before I threw them away Austin wanted to have cucumber mustaches! hahaha.

Sorry... I look like a man with my hair all slicked back and a mustache! hahahaha!

Ok... This Sunset was SO SO SO cool! It was gray clouds but there was a strip of clear sky right at the ground... so there was no sun all day until the sunset and it just hit the clouds with the perfect colors! :) haha. Ok.. sorry it's from my car window... hahaha. You gotta do what you gotta do! :)

Ok... this post is really random so I'm just going to end it.. ha.

The End! :)


P.S. This week is homecoming week for West Jeff, so we had early morning cheer practice and I almost died! haha. It was WAY too early.. but I could get used to it... It was kinda nice! :) ha. And I taught the cheerleaders some sweet load-ins for stunts! :) haha.

SPEAKING OF CHEER.. yesterday at cheer practice the girls wanted me to show them my toe touches because they think I have good toe touches (I don't know what they're talking about.. haha) So I was like, "Ok just a sec" And I go to stretch my legs out and PSHHHTT!!!! MY PANTS RIPPED!!! DANG IT!! hahaha. So I did my toe touch beacuse at that point it didn't matter if they ripped more. ha. But they were one of my fav. pairs of jeans, but I guess it was time to let them go beacuse I've had them for a few years and they were pretty worn out.. haha.

But ya.. it was really funny... Lately we've just had a lot of hilarious things happen at cheer.. ha. :) OK.. now I'm done.. ha. :D

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ashley mikell said...

the funniest thing i ever heard was one time my mom said " you know what happens when you assume." of course she didn't finish it because no bad word has ever crossed her lips, but seriously kathryn said that. hahahaha it makes me laugh.

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