Sunday, October 9, 2011


So last night Austin had to dig potatoes and he is done!! :D But he wasn't able to come on the hot date! ha. So we went to the movie MoneyBall, which was pretty good :) Then we went to Neisen's Frozen Custard. There was Val and my mom:

Sheena, Tyler and Mark:

And Rusten and I:

It was so fun! :) I wish Austin would've been able to come though... But next time he'll be able to!! WOOHOO!! :D

I got the Concrete Coconut Pineapple FC!!! SO SO SO DELISH! :) Thanks for the Recommendation Hannah!

The coconut was like toasted :)

And Rusten got a grilled Cheese Sandwich and it looked SO good....

It tasted good too!
Well Rust was sick and this is what he looked like like all night.. hahahaha.

Today this is what I wore :)

Cardigan: Boise, Shirt: Downeast, Skirt: Downeast, Leggings: Victoria's Secret, Boots:Nordstrom Rack :)

Don't you love these boots?? I'm in love :) haha. Sheena has brown ones like it, we found out last night.. hahaha. :)

Well have a great Sunday!


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Tyler and Sheena said...

HAHAHAHA that is the funniest picture of Rusten I have ever seen:) I knew he looked pretty sick last night, but I don't know how you got such an awesome pic of it, Ty was cracking up about the picture and the cheese streaming from his mouth:) lol Anyways, cute blog post and you looked cute for church today, love the boots:) And tell Austin that he owes us a date night this week since he bailed on us last night:) HA

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