Saturday, October 8, 2011

HECTIC!!! haha.

Here is a picture of today for you to enjoy... haha.

There is no water in my house... :(

So my cute little sister-in-law Hannah, then the other day she was driving truck for spud harvest and she turned the corner and was going down the road and her truck tipped a little and then she saw her tire roll in front of her! She stopped and she was scared... I don't blame her! I probably would've peed my pants if that happened to me! ahhaha. Not really but seriously... haha.

As you can see her tires fell off.... and this was their brand new truck they had gotten like 2 days before.... the below picture is the mark the axle left when it hit the road and was dragging....

This is how far one of the tires rolled.... haha.

Well that day I picked up pizzas for everyone and I decided to suprise my husband by sitting in his tractor.... This is his suprised face... hahaha. And it's through the rain... lol

This is what digging potatoes looks like....

Well then we got done adn decided to check out the truck again....

It looks like we pulled up to a car wreck huh??!! hahaha.

They decided to get the loader to lift up the axle....

Well they almost broke it going straight on, so they had to go from the side, so the loader wouldn't break... haha.

It was crazy... I feel so bad for Hannah... she's just sitting there mindin her own business and BAM!!! hahaha.

Well Aust and I went and visited my mom's house and this is what I found on the table:

Rusten is seriously like obsessed with these things... hahaha. When I lived at home I remember him always trying to get money so he could buy more of these.. haha.

Ok... so you know how it was raining?? Well here are some pics of the rain on campus.... and a suprise!!

It was raining too hard so Aust got off work Thursday and we went to town.. :)

And there were sheep crossing the road..

I saw a black lamb!!!! haha. So awesome!! :)

I had never seen sheep up that close... CRAZY!!
This is the sheep herder's trailer thing.. ha. it's so tiny!!

Then we came up on a SUPRISE..... Thursday at school is was SNOWING!! But not in Terreton, but then as we were on I-15 it started snowing and we started seeing the snow....

Doesn't it look FREEZING!!?? It was.. my hair was SOAKED... it looked like I had just gotten out of the shower... haha.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... Snow is on the ground!! haha. IN OCTOBER?? WHAT?!?!?! haha.

We went to the mall and one of my favorite stores is coming soon!!! YAY!!! :D

I got rain boots!!! and an umbrella!!! :)

T.J. Maxx- $25!! :) And I also got a down comforter at T.J. Maxx for $25!!! It was a steal! :)

Doesn't snow at night look like stars?? haha.

Friday I was sick so I stayed home from school and just emailed my work to my teachers... Well Austin was so excited to get his massive TV remote programmed to our DVD player so we could watch a movie... hahaha. Check it!

I love Fall because it means Pumpkin stuff is Popular!!

The cheerleaders cheered at the Ririe game last night, so afterwards... we stopped by Rigby and went to Dairy Queen in Broulim's... I miss Rigby.. haha. Well we were freezing so we got warm food... but I had to get a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard!!! OH. MY. GOSH!!! I was in HEAVEN!!! SO SO SO GOOD!!! :D

Last night and today I've been getting Halloween decor ready....

Well I made this Happy Halloween Plaque this morning!! :)
What do you think!? Don't you love it? I do! :D

I was on Pinterest and I found this making signs with ink... you print your words off the computer backwards and then get the paper a little wet and rub it onto the wood.... well I tried it and it didn't work out that great for me... haha. It pretty much just very lightly showed the letters, so I took my handy dandy Sharpie and made the letters darker! :D Then I sanded the board after, and over top of the letters, so it looked old and really cute! :)

I'm so happy with how it turned out! :) And it was super easy... so if you are wanting a easy decoration, go buy a peice of wood and spraypaint it your desired color then sharpie on the words and sand down the sign to what you want!! :)

Have a great Saturday! :)


P.S. Tonight I'm going on a fun double date with My sister and our hubbies!! :D

P.S.S. Hope you enjoyed my novel of a blog post... haha. Sorry about that :)

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