Monday, October 3, 2011


Ok... so Aust and I had quite the adventure this weekend. ha.

So we were leaving to go to my mom's and we realized both our cars were out of gas.... not smart!

So we had to take the truck though because we had to go to a field, and my poor little car WOULD NOT have made it! haha.

Well we decided we would just fill up with $20 dollars in Roberts, so we are on our way home and we stop at the gas station.

Austin asks if I brought me wallet and I said, "No I thought you were bringing yours??" haha.

Ya.... we're not very smart... we didn't even think to ask if one of us was bringing a wallet...

So we searched through the messy middle thing in his truck... (we need to clean that out.)


$3.15!!! haha. I told him that would get us back home, so he starts filling up and gets to $3.14 and decides to see if he can get right to $3.15!! and you can only guess.... HE DIDN'T!! hahaha.

Ya... I started freaking out because we only found $3.15, but he found another penny so we were good! hahaha.

The gas station people probably thought we were weird for only filling up with $3.15.... I mean seriously.... who does that??? hahaha.

Well then I have good news... WE MADE IT HOME!!! hahha. :)

It was a great adventure... ha.

Have a great Monday!!


P.S. Is it too early to be hinting at christmas gifts??

I love this!!!!! :)

And also.... if you didn't get to watch conference... go here! :) It was SO great!! :)

Thomas S. Monson is seriously SO funny.... the whole time he was telling his story about his $5 in his pants, I was laughing SO hard!! :) Ya... if you dont know what I'm talking about click the above link... haha. :)

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