Monday, October 31, 2011

Midterms, and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

K sorry about the lack of blogging... I had midterms last week and that consumed my life!! hahaha. But let me fill you in on the things I've been doing! :)

2 Saturdays ago, Sheena and I went to her Mother-in-Law's Super Saturday!

It was so fun!

(These are the frames I made :D)

Then Austin and I had FHE with some friends in the ward and I forgot to take pictures while we were there, but here is the dessert I made for it!

Reese's Cheesecake Brownies.. got the recipe from the LOVELY pinterest!! :)

Man oh man was it DELISH!!!! YES!! :D

Then this last Saturday we threw a bridal shower for Sheena's best friend Chelsi who is getting married to one of Tyler's friends!! haha. This is Chelsi:

And she is holding this sign because we all ahd to take pictures with this sign for my brother Andy who is on his mission!! :)

K.. so Austin and I subscribed to the Ensign like in SEPTEMBER!!!

Well they told us when we subscribed that we wouldn't get september, but we would get october....

Well october came and we didn't get one! So we called and they said that we wouln't get the october one, but we would get the November one! haha.

So by now we were thinking we wouldn't get it at all!!!!

But as we were on our way to our hot date saturday we stopped at the post office and guess what we got!!!! See for yourself:

I don't think we've ever been so excited for an Ensign. hahaha.
For our date we went to din din at Red Robin! :)

And we got a Peach Lemonade and it tasted like a PEACH RING EXACTLY!!! YUM TO MY TUM!!! :D

Then we went to the Movie "The Big Year!" Oh. MY. GOODNESS.... it was so good and funny! :) haha. It has Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Steve Martin in it, and it doesn't say the F word once!! And it's PG and it shows that family is the most important thing and that you don't have to cheat to get first place!! hahaha. :) Then we went to Cold Stone and got yummy Raspberry Sorbet with Raspberries, and a smoothie.. well the girl couldn't get the ice chunks to blend in, so she mae another one, and she was like, "Ok.. this one is on the house because you had to wait forever!" I told her that it was ok, I would pay, but she wouldn't let me! That was so nice! AND AWESOME!!! hahaha. :)

Then I forgot.... Friday the cheerleaders did a spook alley and Austin grabbed this girls leg and accidentally held it too long and she face planted it!! HAHAHA.... we were the scary people and it shouldn't have been funny but it was sad and funny.. because he didn't realize what had happened!! hahaha. :)

Well.. Happy Halloween today!!! If you get the chance... come trick-or-treating to my house!! Because we have like BUCKETS of candy!! SO COME ON OVER!! :D haha.

And I guess your out of luck if you don't live around here, because we have some good treats to give out! haha. :)

Have a great monday!! :D


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Jake and Baylee said...

Aubree your blog is so fun!!:) I love reading it!

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