Monday, August 10, 2009

Trampolines! :)

So first off... I LOVE TRAMPOLINES!! They are SO fun.. and I am very sad that I don't have a tramp right now.. I want one soon cause I miss the bounciness of my tramp!

Well... today while babysitting, we played this log game that Sydnee loves I guess. So you have to roll around and try to hit the people. haha. It was more fun than I thought.. I might actually play it with my friends when i get a tramp! ha. :) Well, when you are rolling around then your hair is hitting the tramp, so it makes your hair SUPER staticy (is that a word?? ha.) And Sydnee's was the best.. which is why I put her picture last cause as they say... you save the best for last! ha.

(My hair, which was the least.)

(Maycee looked cute, and hers was pretty bad too but she has thin hair so you can't see it too well.)

(and this is Sydnee's... hers was beyond the best!! I was laughing at her hair forever.. like I think the laughing worked my abs. :))

So after babysitting I went to Gymnastics and it was fun! I worked on the floor tumbling for a while.. and then I was able to go on the TUMBLE TRACK!! My favorite! It is a super long trampoline that you tumble on! I wanted to make my hair stand up to laugh because I has so much fun earlier.. but I knew I would get in trouble if they saw me rolling around on the tramp and swishing my hair on it. haha. Well, I was about to go home and my friend Hailey, who is on the cheer team with me gave me a Quarter!! I was So happy.. so I went to the Quarter machine and got me some JELLY BELLY'S!!!! They were mm.. mmm. good. And then my gym coach gave me a otter pop! It was yummy to my tummy!

I had a fun day today with everyone and all the trampolines I encountered today.. ha. Good thing I didn't fall through any of them. ha. :)


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