Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So today was CRAZY... so I registered for school..
well.. I wanted to switch some classes so I had to go to the counselors.
I had to wait 2 1/2 hours to get in to change my classes.
Then I changed them and I was happy.. and I made a few friends while waiting in line...
it was fun!
Then I got home and started mowing the lawn...
CRAZY again.
It was sounding weird and I just kept going.
I was changing the song on my iPod and I heard a huge noise.
I backed up to find a HUGE hole in the ground...
but I didn't see anything that would have caused it, so I just kept mowing,
and it stopped making the weird noises!
I got to the end of one row and looked back and noticed it wasn't mowing on one side.
So I mowed a little bit and noticed that only one blade was working so I look back...
come to find out the blade fell out. It was in the ground!
I ran inside and told my mom.
She told Doug.
I went outside and shut the lawn mower off.
I was looking around and noticed a HUGE hole in the LAWN MOWER!!
CRAZY huh?
well.. that means that the blade FLEW out of the lawn mower instead of falling!!
It was scary to see and I am glad it didn't fly out and hit me cause I wouldn't be alive right now!! :( haha.
Today was a very interesting day.
It went from waiting in LONG lines to almost DYING!!! ha.
I will put pictures up of the lawn mower soon!! :)

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