Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rain rain...

I woke up this morning to the sound and smell of rain!! I was SO happy.. I love the rain. I knew that it would be a good day for me.
I got ready for church and then we talked about the fair in sunday school.. haha. :)
I went to Young Women's and our lesson was our leaders bore their testimonies.. and the spirit was very strong. We all knelt to pray at the end and to end our fast.. it was a great experience.. by fasting.. my testimony was strengthened.. I now have a better testimony of the book of mormon and of fasting! I am so glad I had that opportunity.
Well after we ended our fast, our leaders had brought Lucy's Pizza and Mrs. Powell's cinnamon rolls. They were SO SO SO good.. the cinnamon rolls were HUGE!! :) Yummy to my tummy.
I woke up knowing I would have a great day today and I did!!!! It is sprinkling now, but that is still rain. When it rains, everything looks SO green and pretty. I LOVE IT!!
Well, Beesley isn't doing too good today. He just lays around and his neck is swollen and I think he has an infection so here's a heads up to the vet... we may be coming soon! haha. :)

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