Sunday, August 16, 2009


So friday I had a Cheer Car Wash at Texas Rhodehouse.
(Kelsy, Kallie, and Me drying the corvette! :))
Thanks to all you who came! :) Well... I forgot to wear sunscreen... so I got super burnt. Thank goodness for Aloe Vera. :)
That night Alex and Hannah Egbert and I hung out. We went to a car wash and one of the wash things that went on the car scared me cause it was super loud. Well... we went and saw The Timetravelers Wife. It was good. I cried a lot. ha. Well.. When we got there it was basically sold out so we had to find a place to sit that had 3 spots. So Hannah went up to this guy and asked if the 3 seats by him were saved.. they weren't. We went and sat there and Then I saw my cousin Terra. She was like, "You didn't notice Davey sitting right next to you?" And I look over and there is Davey.. he was the one that Hannah asked if the seats were taken. It was funny. Then we went to Cafe Rio and there were these stupid boys that made this weird noise that scared the heck out of us. It ticked me off. ha.
Then yesterday I had to go to a car show and my job was to get pictures with the old guys that got awards... it was interesting.... I've never seen old guys so excited to get pictures. haha. Well... before I left I went to find sunscreen and couldn't find any.. so again I didn't wear sunscreen.. So my face got even more burnt. Then I went shopping, and got these cute jeans. I LOVE THEM..
(The cute bag they put the jeans in)
(I tried to do an all view thing. ha. So the front, back and inside..)
(The front and side of the jeans)
(The back pocket)
So today we celebrated Jaden's birthday that was on monday.. and then I have just been plastering Aloe Vera on me. It's SO fun, let me tell ya! ha. not really.

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alexandria said...

i am so happy we got to hang out with you! you are so cute! and i love your school clothes. you are so stylish.

hey, i got an email from austin today and i had told him that we went to the movies with you and he asked me if we treated you like a gentleman. haha i thought that was cute! anyways, just thought you'd like to know.

good luck with school!
let's play again soon.

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