Sunday, August 30, 2009

That's gonna leave a bruise..

So today I woke up smiling and all happy thinking nothing bad was going to happen because it's a sunday and everything goes good on sundays..

Well... Everything did go good except one thing..

I was cleaning up my bathroom a little bit cause I haven't had time because of school.. well i started putting everything away and i was putting away my curling iron.

I was rolling up the cord and next thing I knew I was trying to do Matrix moves.. well that didn't work out like I thought it would.. I saw the cord flying at me...

I tried to stop it.. but then gravity came in to play. It came flying down so I just closed my eyes hoping it wouldn't hit me... but it smacked me right on the nose...

I can feel the bruise coming.

It was pretty fun though trying to do matrix moves.. :)

Next time I will just have to roll up the cord without swinging it around, so it doesn't smack me in the nose again. ha.


p.s. if you can't tell... the pictures are a reinactment. I didn't take pictures during the real thing.. so I took pictures after... but the cord didn't hit me in the nose when i was taking the pictures, only in the head. haha. And I basically took these pictures to show the faces I was making.. haha. :)


Angie Robison said...

We at the Robison household absolutely love your blog. Every Sunday we have to check your blog because it is great. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

OWW! :) ha! matrix moves are fun huh?? haha!! :) p.s. i love your background it is SOO cute!! :)

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