Saturday, August 22, 2009

ankle weights.

So for cheer we all had to buy ankle weights. So when I was at cheer my cheer coach told us to put them on. We all put our ankle weights on and got back in our football lines. He told us we were going to do toe touches. It was SO hard.. mine looked horrible.. it's weird what 5 pounds can do. This one girl fell on her butt. It was kinda fun doing toe touches, right and left herkies, and pikes with them on though. So then he told us to take them off, and then he had us do a toe touch, and I felt like I was jumping on a trampoline cause they were so high. It was AWESOME.

Well... I decided I wanted to do more of them today, but I am fasting, so i have other things to worry about and I am like out of energy... so I decided it will have to wait until tomorrow. ha. :)
Everyone should try it though, because it is super fun. Like they suck when you have the ankle weights on, but when you take them off you fly and it is super fun!! :)

So today I went to my cousin's baby shower.. she is such a cute pregnant lady. So my mom had to make lemon bars for it (I LOVE lemon bars, they are some of my favorite foods.), so when we got there I was carrying them in. Well our dog Beesley followed us. We saw him and told him that he needed to go home. He didn't listen to us. Well out of no where here comes Trip (My cousin's dog) and he starts growling at Beesley, so Beesley tries hiding behind me and my mom. By then we were at the door step and the door was locked. Well by this time Trip was really growling and then SNAP.. It happened.. about the scariest moment of my life. Trip grabbed Beesley by the neck and started shaking his head which was making beesley flip around. My mom was wearing this new CUTE white skirt she got and when trip bit Beesley's neck then my mom's skirt got in his mouth too. It ripped a hole in my mom's skirt, it was sad. Well my grandma has a lot of plants in pots on her front door step. Well since beesley was flying around me and my mom were trying to get out of the way cause all we were doing was screaming which wasn't helping.. well I got pushed back and knocked over a few of the pots.. it was sad. I felt way bad. Finally the door opened. Me and my mom go running in so I could set down those dang lemon bars tat were in my hand the whole time this was happening.. We go back out side to see what is happening and everyone is yelling at Trip to let go of Beesley, but Trip didn't listen. So my cousin Emily comes running out and tries kicking Trip off Beesley... that didn't work either. the dogs knocked over pots and made my grandma's new landscaped yard look like a mess. Well Trip drug Beesley to the missionary's house and Emily was running the whole way trying to make Trip stop. Beesley was ldoing like a cry bark and it was SO sad. Well my Aunt Glenna walks up to us and is like, "Mary Jo, I am so sorry. I think Trip is going to kill Beesley!" Well then me and my mom were like crap. How are we going to tell Rusten (my little brother) that his dog died... Well we finally see my cousin Mckenna taking Beesley home on the 4 wheeler. Which meant he wasn't dead. I was SO relieved, but I was still scared so I was shaking bad. Well after the shower was over me and my mom drove home and me Aunt Jennifer had said that Rusten called her and asked for the vet's number. So when we got home we asked Rusten about it and he told us he wrote it down, but didn't call. I went out to look at Beesley and his neck was bleeding. He is still scared. His eyes are big and he is just laying down. It is SO sad.. because he is usually a WAY energetic dog. I am glad he isn't going to die though... well hopefully. We all still love Trip though even though he did that to Beesley. Accidents happen. Now we just know that whenever we go down there we have to lock up Beesley so he doesn't follow us. Today has been an eventful day.. haha.


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