Saturday, August 29, 2009

Parallel Parking.

So I went to the JV football game and I was driving the suburban and the only place to park was in a spot on the side of the road which meant I had to Parallel Park.. well guess what!!! I DID IT!! I was so excited that I parallel parked in the huge suburban. ha. :)

So Friday we had a pep assemblly for the first game and it was SO fun!! And the game was WAY fun to cheer at. They didn't win... but it was still fun cause we got to do the get it ready dance with the crowd A TON... I really like being a cheerleader for Rigby... it is really fun. Sometimes I wish I wasn't on the team.. but when I think about all the fun times I realize how stupid it would be to quit. ha.

So I went to my friends cabin and we stayed up until like 2! then today we floated a river thing.. it was really fun!!

Also... thursday I had my first anat and phys test thing... it is a college class by the way.. well I got an A!!!! I was SO happy..

Well... now I have to study for a test on monday and then i am also trying to decide what I want to do..
1. Go and see my sister and her husband's new apt.
2. Go to a dance party with my cousin.
3. Hang out with kinda boring people.

I can't quite decide what I want to do. ha. :)


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