Sunday, August 9, 2009

.Family and Friends.

So My Family and I went and saw UP. It is a cute movie. These are pictures while we were there.
(Me and Rusten)
(Me and Sheena)
(Me and My Mom)

So when I babysit Me, Sydnee, and Maycee always take fun pictures. Sydnee has like a paintbrush. ha. But they wanted pictures with my blue eyes. :)

Different Subject. ha. So I haven't seen any of my friends like this WHOLE summer. We decided to have a girls night. It was fun. We went and saw The Proposal. and after we had these boys take pictues for us and they dropped my friends camera. It was crazy. I decided I am only giving my camera to people I trust. ha.
(Kenzie, Kim, Andrea, and Me)
This weekend I went to Utah for My cousin's wedding. It was a fun trip. I stayed with my sister JoDeeann and we went shopping and swimming and made things and it was a TON of fun. We were going to eat at PF Changs the last day we were there, but we forgot to reserve a spot or whatever so when we went there was an hour and a half wait... so we didn't want to wait that long cause we had to get going home, so we went across the street to this YUMMY italian place called Buca di Beppo. It was SO good. It was funny though... They brought out the bread that you eat before your meal and they put oil and vinegar in this dish.. well I didn't know that it was vinegar so I drenched my bread in it and put it in my mouth and almost puked. It was DISGUSTING cause I don't like vinegar. So the Guy was still standing there so i had to eat it all.. Eww.. ha. But then we had really good salad and a REALLY good main dish.. Mmm Mmm Good. I loved that place and it was cool cause some of the workers even had an italian accent. haha. :)
(The watchbands and Earrings I made when I was at JoDee's)
(The Zebra Sunglasses and Braclet I got when I went shopping.)
(My new shoes I got yesterday! I LOVE THEM.)
(My outfit I wore to Church to match my new shoes!!) :)

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Angie Robison said...

I love your posts. Your a doll!!!

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